RENÉE is a set of hydrobalanced smooth and resilient gels based on stabilized hyaluronic acid for facial injections. The formulations of RENEE gels have been customized to smooth skin depressions, enhance and reshape facial contours and restore lost volume. The RENÉE collection – RENÉE SMOOTH, RENÉE SMILE, RENÉE TOUCH , RENÉE LIFT and RENÉE VOLUME – for dermal restoration.


  • RENÉE collection gels have been bionically designed to preserve the natural features of biological hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the bionic design, RENÉE gels have superior rheology – cohesive, elastic and pseudoplastic behaviour – tailored to the different needs of facial rejuvenation.
  • RENÉE formulations are enriched with amino acids – proline and glycine – structural elements of the extracellular matrix.
  • Rational and clear product differentiation, through concentration customized formulations for the intended use.
  • RENÉE gels have been designed to mimic the rheological features of endogenous hyaluronic acid (extracellular matrix).


  • RENÉE formulations are tailored with increasing concentration of hyaluronic acid according to the intended use.
  • RENÉE hyaluronic acid gels are enriched with the aminoacids proline and glycine, important building blocks of the proteins – collagen and elastin – present in the extracellular matrix.
  • RENÉE collection is set of hydrobalanced smooth and resilient gels, stabilized with low content of BDDE, Hyaluronic acid degree of modification:  5-6 %.
  • RENÉE collection gels are ‘‘true‘‘monophasic and homogeneous  hyaluronic acid cross-linked gels – with no particles and no uncrosslinked, linear HA phase.
  • Unique viscoelastic, cohesive and pseudoplastic behaviour.

RENÉE benefits

  • RENÉE formulations offers long lasting efficacy up to 12 months duration.
  • RENÉE formulations designed with high G prime offer optimal filling and dermal restoration.
  • User friendly, easy to inject.
  • Clinically proven safety and efficacy profile. Aesthetic results last up to 8 -12 months.

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