Prosil-2Prosil After and before

If you’re searching for the best treatment for scars, you’ve found it. If you’re looking for scar removal, you will never find a non-surgical product that removes scars. Many companies make these false claims to win your business with products that do absolutely nothing for your scars.

PRO-Sil® Sport and Kids PRO-Sil® for scars all feature patented silicone scar therapy technology from Biodermis. The PRO-Sil® stick provides the same industry-leading scar management technology found in Xeragel™, in a convenient, easy-to-use glide-on applicator. Treating your scars to the extra care they need is now easier than ever. The PRO-Sil®l stick stores compactly in a purse or pocket, and without drips or leaks.

Benefits of PRO-Sil®:

  • Patented scar reduction in a revolutionary stick
  • Designed for all scars, including raised (hypertrophic and keloid), flat and burn scars
  • No more messy creams or ointments
  • Fits conveniently in purse or pocket
  • Fragrance and dye free
  • Contains silicone, the ONLY proven topical scar treatment ingredient
  • Perfect scar treatment for face, and other exposed skin such as neck, arms, elbows, legs, ankles, feet