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New Peeling Era

Lobratorrio Expertisse

What is LUMIX® System?

  • Complete System for Hyperpigmentation of any Melanic origin.
  • Professional mask.
  • Home Care.
  • Time/layer dependent for the required site.
  • Optimal results when used as complete system.


Why LUMIX® Mask?

  • High safety margin «Sensitive Areas».
  • Single session mainly.
  • For any skin photo types.
  • No need for topical pre-conditioning medications prior Lumix® Mask.
  • Satisfactory results in a few days.


Mechanism of Action

  • LUMIX system has different mechanism of action due to multiple ingredients inside the product.
  • It has Peeling, Whitening, Rejuvenation, anti-wrinkles and acne treatment activities.
  • LUMIX is responsible for reduction or Melanin formation in the skin resulting in shiny, white and glowing effect.

How to use LUMIX® System?

  • LUMIX MASK must be used under supervision of health care professional; meanwhile LUMIX HOME CARE can be used by patients at home.
  • LUMIX HOME CARE can be used in the 5th day of applying LUMIX MASK for at least one month.
  • LUMIX HOME CARE can be used alone for 3 months to get almost the same results. HOME CARE preferably used at night as thin layer over affected areas to give your skin whitening, spotless free complexion and rejuvenated shape.
  • Sunscreen and moisturizers must be used during LUMIX® treatment or any other peeling products.