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Silicone is the only clinically proven topical method of scar treatment

For over 25 years, Biodermis has pioneered new developments in the silicone scar management industry. Biodermis silicone gel sheets, gels and ointments for scars represent the industry standard for medical professionals focused on prevention and management of hypertrophic and keloid scars. Simply put, Biodermis scar sheets and silicone gels are the best and only clinically proven topical treatment method for improving the appearance of scars.

Every surgical incision, cut, scrape or burn may render a scar. Scars can lead to an array of functional, cosmetic and psychological consequences. The characteristics of the scar depend on size, location, suturing technique, and method of wound treatment. Other factors include individual age, race, and genetic predisposition to scarring.


How Does Silicone Work?

Scars need an ideal healing environment, meaning the appropriate balance of moisture and maximum exposure to oxygen. Silicone fully encapsulates the scar site, meaning that it completely covers the treatment site for even distribution of necessary moisture (hydration), and maximum exposure to oxygen. Although the entire site is covered, silicone is semipermeable, allowing oxygen to enter while keeping excess moisture out. Properly hydrated and oxygenated skin allows surrounding healthy tissue to better blend with scar tissue, resulting in a scar that is more natural in color, softer, and flatter overall. Use as directed can dramatically reduce the appearance of scars.

Silicone scar treatment in all forms (sheets, ointments, sticks) normalize collagen synthesis and breakdown, resulting in a softer and flatter scar. Silicone is completely non-toxic, safe and easy to use, even on sensitive skin and on children. Silicone is the best option for treating old and new scars.


  • Available in all popular configurations for a variety of surgical procedures
  • Crystal clear, 100% silicone gel sheeting
  • Provides full encapsulation of scar site, for optimal healing and beautiful results
  • Washable & reusable
  • Can be easily trimmed

Epi-Derm™ Clear Silicone Gel C-Strip “size 3.6 x 15cm”

Silicone strips designed for C-section (cesarean) and hysterectomy treatment sites. With Epi-Derm silicone gel strips for scars in the C-strip configuration, you can heal your surgical scars beautifully and enjoy your life style again.

Epi-Derm™ Clear Silicone Gel Large Strips “one pair 3.6 x 30cm”

Silicone scar strips in the most comfortable size and shape for C-section, tummy tuck, hysterectomy and cardiac procedures.

Epi-Derm™ Clear Standard Silicone Gel Sheet “12 x 14.5cm”

Silicone gel sheeting designed for managing mid-sized hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Epi-Derm™ Clear Silicone Gel Mastopexy “one pair 32 x 9.6cm”

The Mastopexy form is a silicone patch for scars that is ideally suited for breast reduction (mammoplasty) and breast reconstruction surgery, and can be cut to size. Pairs of mastopexy forms and pairs of areola circles are sold separately.

Epi-Derm™ Clear Silicone Gel Areopexy

The areopexy form was designed for use following the Lejour Augmentation Technique. Unlike standard silicone gel sheets for scars, the Epi-derm areopexy form is specialized to accomodate the incisions used with Lejour breast augmentation and is a silicone patch for scars in an ideal “lollipop” configuration. The areopexy forms are sold in pairs and can be cut to size.