Overview of Bioluminance™:
Moisture is constantly evaporating from your skin. Introducing a new anti-aging facial hydration treatment mask that locks in valuable moisture and oxygen.

The Bioluminance™ silicone hydrotherapy masque simply and effectively helps to diminish fine lines, and leaves you with a plump, dewy complexion. Unlike other hydration masks, Bioluminance™ contains absolutely no chemicals that will be absorbed by your skin. BIO-luminance boosts natural skin repair through pure oxygen and water. It is dye & alcohol-free, hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic.

  • Differnce from moisturizing creams: No more messy creams!
  • Uses your body’s natural hydration system to soften & hydrate dry, tired skin
  • Maintains ideal oxygen & moisture balance
  • Gently adheres to remain comfortably in position
  • Clean, clear, soft, pliable 100% silicone gel sheeting
  • Imparts no additional chemicals to the skin
  • Oil, dye and fragrance FREE
  • Works with ALL skin types
  • Works with ALL facial care regimens
  • Reusable up to 28 times
  • Wash & dry – reusable
  • No special product care required

Simple, effective hydration
1- Cleanse face
2- Apply masque segments
3- Relax, hydrate and see results in as little as 15 minutes!

How does it works:
Biodermis pioneered the use of silicone gel sheeting for scar treatment, and has led the industry with new innovations for over 25 years. Part of the scar healing process involves dermal hydration.

Silicone gel sheeting creates a semi-permeable layer over the skin that allows oxygen to penetrate while holding precious moisture in, creating the optimum oxygen and moisture balance for healthy skin. The illustration below details the anti-aging effects of BIO-luminance on dermal hydration levels in a side by side comparison.

It’s that simple. No oils. No creams. No pasty concoctions. Just oxygen and water.

Benefits of properly hydrated skin

  • Fullness of the skin
  • Reduction of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Tightening of pores
  • Reduction of dead cells
  • Open, clear pores
  • Improved nutrient absorption

Instructions For Use

  • Wash both face and hands.
  • Open non-sterile pouch containing Biodermis BIO-luminanace™ Masque.
  • Hold masque segments up to face to determine if trimming is necessary. Trim off areas that fold under chin or jaw line BIO-luminance™ Masque, may be trimmed using scissors or scalpel.
  • Mask is covered on tacky side by a plastic liner. Once any necessary modifications are made, remove BIO-luminance™Masque segments from the plastic liner and apply tacky side to face in the appropriate areas, taking care to avoid hairline and eyebrows.
  • Some overlapping of masque segments may occur, and this is acceptable.

Cleaning Instructions

Following each use, wash face and Masque using acceptable facial cleanser in basin of worm water, work up a small amount of lather with cleanser, and gently wash each segment of the of the BIO-luminance™ Masque. Rinse, then air blow, or pat dry with a paper towel.

Wearing Time

Optional wearing time for Biodermis BIO-luminance™ Masque ranges from 2-12 hours per use. Once skin is fully hydrated, Masque will lose its adhesive qualities, and may be removed and washed per the instructions above.

Adhesive qualities will return after washing. Following use, wash face. Follow this rutine as needed, washing and re-applying the masque for up to 30 days. At that time, the masque will begin to lose its adhesive quality and/or may become embedded with surface dirt. When this occurs, discard and replace with a new BIO-luminance™ Masque.